Combine & Conquer
Our Investment in C3 Protocol
Or Harel
November 23, 2021

For many people, money and finance are loaded terms. Leading thinkers in both the financial and education fields have raised the interesting, yet perplexing query of why we still don’t offer financial education as part of everyone’s 12-year journey throughout the school system. Though it’s hard to imagine, not so long ago in the human evolution timeline, only the selected few knew how to read, write or use basic arithmetic.

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- And Enjoy the Process
Play with Your Monkey on the Sun: Our Investment in MonkeyBall
Or Harel
November 3, 2021

Follow your passion. Such a cliché, right? If you watched some motivational videos in the past decade you must have encountered Steve Jobs’s commencement speech for Stanford’s graduating class of 2005. It was not long after Jobs had recovered from cancer, which gave the speech an even more epic effect. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle”. Mic-drop.

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Loot Past & Future
A deep dive into the LootVerse
Eyal Alsheich
October 31, 2021

Over the past month I’ve taken a deep dive into the LootVerse, as a developer/gamer/investor, and here’s what I found in a three min read.

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who we are

We are crypto engineers and builders who have been exploring crypto since 2012, when we successfully built Colored Coins – the world’s first digital assets protocol on top of Bitcoin.  

Node is a thesis-focused, long-term cryptocurrency fund investing in pre-market/market token-based projects.  As well as providing capital, we take the role of founding participants in new protocols and networks.  We help teams bootstrap the network, solve token economic challenges and provide liquidity when it is most needed.  We add technical value to support our entrepreneurs and networks as they go to market and continue growth. 


Public confidence in slow-moving, high-cost organizations is eroding, due to their lack of transparency, inability to course-correct and weak security protocols.
Blockchains, cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies have the potential to increase trust and improve security across many markets and cut costs and friction.  They enable a dynamic new range of applications and business models, which enjoy a decentralized structure based on trust in code and math – ensuring better alignment of incentives between all market participants.

We are now at the early stages of their adoption curve.  As they mature, these technologies will solve some of the world's biggest challenges in finance, media, ownership and data access. 
At Node, we believe the market will grow rapidly as these technologies fulfil their promise.  

Our team adds significant technical expertise on bootstrapping new networks. Our goal is to invest in novel networks – addressing vertical-specific issues, which are ideally blockchain agnostic – and to solve distinct issues in defined ecosystems.

Amos Meiri
Founding Partner

Amos is an investor and pioneer in the crypto & digital assets sphere. He co-founded Colored Coins - the first digital assets protocol - in 2012 and, two years later,, the first digital assets platform. Prior to this, Amos was head of trading at and held key positions at other investment firms.

Rotem Lev
Co-Founder & CTO

Rotem was formerly the Co-Founder and CTO of Colu and led the creation of the Colored Coins specification while working on Bitcoin code. He was also Chief Architect and Head of Front-end Development at eToro. Previously, he worked at Cyhawk Ventures as VP R&D, and at Checkpoint, and Memco (C.A) as a Software Engineer and Systems Architect.

Danny Razinsky (CPA)

Danny has served in various financial and operations roles. These include CFO at Colu, as VP Finance and Operations at several start-ups in the Israeli and US fintech and high tech industries, and Director of Finance at AOL. He also spent time at PwC. Danny is a CPA and has a BA in Accounting and Business from the College of Management, Israel.

Mikel Samanes

Mikel finished his telecommunication studies in Genova and wrote his final thesis at the Ericsson Research‭ ‬&‭ ‬Development Lab, where he designed a prototype of a single sign-on for telecom infrastructure based on open software‭. ‬While working at Hewlett Packard, specializing in image quality and printing software, he developed his passion for trading and crypto, especially on-chain data. Recognized as a Pine coder expert, Mikel helps funds develop trading market strategies and collaborates with TradingView on software ecosystem development.

Prof.Tal Rabin
Cryptographer in Resident

Prior to joining UPenn, Prof. Rabin was Head of Research at the Algorand Foundation. Previously, she spent 23 years at IBM Research ‬as a Distinguished Research Staff Member and Manager of the Cryptographic Research Group‭.  ‬She received her PhD‭ ‬from Israel’s Hebrew University in 1995‭.

Tal is an ACM Fellow‭, ‬an IACR Fellow, and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences‭. ‬She is the ‬recipient of the 2019 RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics‭. ‬In 2018‭, she was named by Forbes ‬as one of the global Top 50 ‬Women in Tech. ‬In 2014‭, ‬‬Tal won the Anita Borg Women of Vision Award for Innovation, and Business Insider ranked her #‬4 ‬on ‬its list of 22 ‬Most Powerful Women Engineers.

Eyal Elsheich

A crypto developer and infrastructure architect, Eyal was previously VP of R&D at Colu, where he worked to create payment systems, wallets, and protocols for both blockchain and centralized infrastructure. Formerly an independent hacker, he oversaw the creation of infrastructure systems for large-scale website systems.

Or Harel

Or is a Software & Information Systems Engineer from Ben-Gurion University in Israel, with a strong background in software UI/UX and Product Management from several Israeli start-up companies. A true technical researcher, who is passionate about cryptocurrencies and new protocols.