The Goldfish Who Got Rugged

Why We Liquid Stake with (and the Importance of Self-Custody)

Or Harel

The book of Salmon

And now we wish to honor you with the story of Salmon Bankriver Fries the Cryptocean prophet

Once upon a time,

In the deep, Cryptocean,

There swam a goldfish,

His name was: Salmon Bankriver Fries.

Though petite in frame, Salm soon gained fame,

Parading his scales, With their shimmering gold shade.

He incessantly fidgeted, with every fin's move,

Chasing new shinier things, Lost in fleeting thoughts swings.

Amidst the wealth he'd amassed, in the spotlight he was cast,

Drawn to his glow so vast, By the fortune in his forecast.

As his daily treasure chest grew, in their admiration, deeper it brew,

With every coin made, memories start to fade, Drawn to his allure, they all made their trade.

He skipped the Cryptocean's golden rule, A maxim to bears and a few bulls,

Of self-custody— The true anchor in the Cryptocean's ripple.

In AI Medea, Salmon placed his bet, Seduced by promises he'd never forget,

Yet within this AI, dark truths did reside, Promising fortunes, with obscured secrets inside.

However, centralized might, like ocean's shifting tides, Seldom stays by one’s side.

AI Medea, in veiled deceit, Orchestrated a rug pull, quite elite.

Vanishing into the digital mist, With the wealth many couldn't resist,

Leaving a vast sea, Where hope ceased to be.

The ocean echoed with a resounding "WHAT", Salmon's golden promise fell somewhat flat.

Those once revered, wear now somber gaze, For Salmon Bankriver Fries, a fate lost in the maze.

The somber tale in the ocean's indelible ink, Echoed warnings through realms where fish stink.

Voiced through the waves, "Be wise, not a goldfish; or at some point, you will also surely sink. Leading Through Liquid Staking, Upstream

As we navigate the deep currents of the Cryptocean, our team at Node Capital stays attuned to the pivotal developments that define our shared digital journey. We're not just investors; we're advocates for a decentralized future. That's why we have made the decision to do our Ethereum staking through, via their LST eETH. This represents more than a financial commitment. It's a clear vote of confidence in the principles of self-custody, transparency, and decentralization that are the bedrock of blockchain technology. 

Our enthusiasm extends to's innovative approach to staking, exemplified by their upcoming integration with EigenLayer. This collaboration isn't just promising; it's essential. By enabling ether holders to restake automatically on EigenLayer, is not only unlocking new streams of potential rewards but also addressing the critical need for liquidity in staked assets. EigenLayer's impressive protocol, with over $210 million in total value locked, stands as a testament to the demand for such solutions. We recognize the genius in's ability to allow stakers swift entry and exit positions while leveraging their stake as collateral in other DeFi protocols, enhancing user autonomy and flexibility.

This strategic alliance with EigenLayer is precisely the kind of initiative we’re proud to support, one that strengthens the individual's control and promotes systemic transparency within our ever-expanding ecosystem. It's through these advancements that we continue championing the ethos of decentralization, steering the community towards safer waters in the vast Cryptocean.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, our journey through the turbulent waters of the Cryptocean is not a solitary one. commemorates its launch by integrating projects with the prominent players of DeFi such as Balancer, Aura, unshETH, Gravita, Maverick, Pendle, Polygon, and beyond. This convergence is far more than a fusion of technical prowess; it's a union of shared ideals and a collective vision. At Node Capital, our decision to engage in liquid staking with is deeply rooted in a harmony with their principles in decentralization, sustainable business practices, and ethics.'s Core Guiding Principles

This deep-seated alignment solidifies our partnership, confirming that our entrustment of liquid staking to is not just an investment in technology but a pledge to a future shaped by decentralization, sustainable revenue model, and ethical fortitude. These principles mirror the very ethos we champion.

Our collaboration transcends strategic interests. It's a conscious commitment to uphold and preserve the sanctity of self-custody and transparency in the blockchain ecosystem. As early adopters of eETH, we are not just investors but advocates of a philosophy that ensures control remains where it rightfully belongs - in the hands of the individual user. Through our initiatives, we aim to fortify the Cryptocean's resilience, ensuring it's not swayed by the short-term gains shadowing long-term sustainability. In this commitment, we see not just the preservation of our collective digital ecosystem but the very path forward for enduring innovation and integrity within our community.

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