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Amos Meiri

Our story begins with the Satoshi White Paper. 

In 2012 we saw the banks collapse in Cyprus; we saw lines of people - unable to withdraw their own money - waiting to withdraw just 50 Euros as their daily budget. We realized that, while we understand how today’s financial industry works, it’s a whole different thing to be personally impacted by it.  

At exactly the same time, we were exposed to Satoshi’s white paper.  

The early days of Bitcoin were confusing. A small community, skeptical investors, unconvinced organizations.  Much of the world was laughing at the Bitcoin community, with it’s new “internet funny money”. 

We have come so far in terms of mainstream adoption and real life use-cases. Today, blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies are not just an idea - they are products that provide real value to real users and verticals. 

Over the past 10 years, our Node team has invested in many leading projects and built different crypto-based products and protocols (such as Colored Coins).  Some failed and some succeeded.  Most importantly, we had the chance to push the industry forward and have a front row seat from which to observe the market - from an entrepreneurial perspective and as an early investor in crypto. We gained an understanding of the needs of crypto teams, and discovered where the greatest challenges lay. We saw many “next big things” come and go, and learned what is here for a season and what is a long-term trend.

We realized that we can create a bigger impact in the crypto industry by being a technical investor and by being 100% aligned with our dedication to work with teams and help solve problems together. 

We’re passionate about what we do, and the networks we choose to invest and participate in.

Our Thesis

Public confidence in slow-moving, high-cost organizations is eroding, due to their lack of transparency, inability to course-correct and weak security protocols.

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies have the potential to increase trust and improve security across many markets and cut costs and friction.  They enable a dynamic new range of applications and business models, which enjoy a decentralized structure based on trust in code and math – ensuring better alignment of incentives between all market participants.

We are now at the early stages of their adoption curve.  As they mature, these technologies will solve some of the world's biggest challenges in finance, media, ownership and data access. 

At Node, we believe the market will grow rapidly as these technologies fulfil their promise.  

Our team adds significant technical expertise on bootstrapping new networks. Our goal is to invest in novel networks – addressing vertical-specific issues, which are ideally blockchain agnostic – and to solve distinct issues in defined ecosystems.

Who We Are

We are crypto engineers and builders who have been exploring crypto since 2012, when we successfully built Colored Coins – the world’s first digital assets protocol on top of Bitcoin. 


Node is a thesis-focused, long-term cryptocurrency fund investing in pre-market/market token-based projects.  As well as providing capital, we take the role of founding participants in new protocols and networks.  We help teams bootstrap the network, solve token economic challenges and provide liquidity when it is most needed.  We add technical value to support our entrepreneurs and networks as they go to market and continue to grow.

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